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Industry Defining Online Digital Marketing Courses

Everything you need to start creating your own digital marketing campaigns

Learn best practice from leading Digital Marketing Agency Optix Solutions. Our highly accessible courses are designed for anyone who needs to start doing digital marketing campaigns today. Learn at a pace that suits you with our bite-size videos. Each course contains theory, examples and activities to give you the opportunity to practice using our winning techniques.

  • Actionable content, examples and activities

  • Practice as you learn and feel confident to employ tactics and strategies

  • Put your skills to the test with a challenging final activity on each course

  • Each course approximately 3 hours to complete

What people say about our courses

High Quality Presentation


Overall great course - I've enjoyed it and learned a lot. In depth content, short video sections, high quality presentation, very valuable insights. I could see where I was going via the side bar navigation. The quality of the course is very high and it's very well delivered.

Extremely informative


Each section of the course is extremely informative, so much so it feels like it is live and a conversation. The language used is easy to understand and follow, and sections are easy to go back to to rewatch when needed. There’s informative links to refer to as well. Easy to do in your own time, and very useful having external videos rather than just someone explaining them.



An absolutely fantastic course.

Actionable content from digital experts

Optix Solutions are one of the largest and most respected digital marketing agencies in the South West. We pride ourselves on working closely with leading businesses, always striving to delight, support and engage all who we work with. Last year, we successfully launched the Optix Digital Academy. We wanted to bring talented marketers together to develop their skills and share their knowledge. Now, with over 20 years in Digital Marketing and Website Design experience, Optix are embarking on a new adventure - we’re sharing our knowledge and expertise to help businesses who are struggling with in-house marketing and those who have skill gaps in their teams.
The Optix Digital Academy is moving online. We’re creating online video courses that will teach you the core skills for each distinct discipline of digital marketing. Each of our courses are video based so you can take notes as you watch, listen and learn. Alongside our videos, each course also has examples to experience and a wealth of activities to keep you engaged and practice the skills we teach you as you go. We’ve also included useful templates and downloads to help you with some of the more technical aspects of developing strategies and creating campaigns. Every course has a final activity to put your skills to the test. Each course will take around three hours to complete and can be taken at your own pace to fit your schedule.
Sign up today to start practicing as you learn and feel confident to employ tactics and strategies in your future campaigns.
We look forward to welcoming you onto the Academy.
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A vital component of launching and maintaining any successful marketing campaign.

Content Marketing

Creating valuable, relevant & consistent content to attract an audience to complete an action.

Email Marketing

A powerful tool to build relationships with clients and prospects with a proven high Return On Investment.


An ongoing, consistent effort to improve rankings in Search Engines with long term successes & rewards